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Math fluency 2.0: The future of fluency is here 

BlueStreak is a comprehensive, cutting-edge math fluency program that helps bridge the math learning and confidence gap in just 15 minutes/day.

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A revolutionary approach

BlueStreak was built on the research-based foundation of deliberate practice and number sense. With its adaptive digital engine and pencil-to-paper strategy workbooks, students progress faster and feel more confident.

Maximum student engagement

BlueStreak 's comprehensive math fluency program leverages single- and multiplayer educational games to maximize student engagement, increasing learning and confidence while reducing math anxiety.

Beyond traditional fact fluency

BlueStreak ties automaticity into strategies to improve students' accuracy, efficiency and flexibility. It even extends this concept beyond whole numbers to support math fluency with fractions and decimals.

Low lift & easy to implement

BlueStreak doesn't just help students. With automatic intervention groupings, scripted lesson plans, progress monitoring, and so much more, it makes teachers' lives easier, too.

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BlueStreak supports all students

Tier 2 & 3 Interventions

Bluestreak Math automatically identifies students in need of intervention and groups them by area of weakness. These groupings then tie directly into turnkey lessons for teachers to easily provide differentiated instruction.


Both the digital platform and pencil-to-paper Strategy Log workbooks are available in English and Spanish to ensure language is never a barrier to growth in mathematics.

Special education

Bluestreak Math promotes mastery learning by module rather than grade level, allowing for differentiation based on student performance and teacher input. Text-to-voice functionality also supports beginning and struggling readers.

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Revolutionizing math fluency one cutting-edge feature at a time

  • Whole numbers, fractions and decimals

  • Pairs automaticity and strategies

  • Single and multi-player game modes

  • Scripted, scaffolded mini lessons

  • Concise diagnostic pre- and post-tests

  • Adaptive engine for differentiation

  • Growth data & visualizations

  • Automatic intervention groups

  • Pencil-to-paper Strategy Log workbooks

  • Digital &print content in English & Spanish

  • Click-to-voice functionality

  • Reflection & metacognition activities

A math fact fluency program that’s more effective and more fun

Students need more help than ever to overcome learning loss, but teachers have less time than ever. That’s why we built BlueStreak online fluency games to make a noticeable difference in student learning in just 15 minutes/day, making it the perfect fit not just for math blocks, but for intervention periods, transition periods, and after-school programs, too. Better yet, BlueStreak helps teachers with classroom management and provides turnkey lesson plans to save time.

Our results are driven by research

We’ve conducted countless studies and monitored results since the very beginning. Our research is what keeps our platform successful for students and teachers.

See our research

We are data-driven and use our research to improve our educational process.


23K students are actively using BlueStreak Math as a certified supplemental learning tool.


Our test-based analytics indicate that students progress by 42% on average


9k Classrooms in the US are engaging in BlueStreak Math

BlueStreak Math is a certified Women's Business EnterpriseBranching Minds logo2019 SIIA Codie award winner2020 SIIA Codie finalist2021 SIIA Codie AwardsClever logo
BlueStreak Math is a certified Women's Business EnterpriseBranching Minds logo2019 SIIA Codie award winner2020 SIIA Codie finalist2021 SIIA Codie AwardsClever logo