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The Future of Fact Fluency

for all students is here

A cutting edge digital tool that excites and ignites students in developing fast math skills and mastery of fact fluency through a space centered gaming environment.

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Imagine, a middle school
math class where...

  • Students knew their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts with accuracy and fluency.

  • Teachers could free up valuable teaching time for deeper learning and higher order thinking skills.

  • Educators have the ability to assess student fluency with mathematical operations by means of monitoring student response time and accuracy

BlueStreak Math is the future. The sum of our features, is the solution.

BlueStreak Math is the future.

24/7 Access. Anywhere, Anytime.

Web based, online platform. Fully responsive for tablet learning.

One-To-One Math Fact Fluency.

Differentiated for each student. Equal attention for all.

Differentiated Thinking Strategies.

Applying conceptual understanding and mathematical knowledge.

Multiple Gaming Environments.

No separation between learning and play. Full integration.

Pre And Post Test Certification.

Track progress from where they started. Guarantee mastery.

Learning Cards For Every Fact.

Introduction of new facts using a robust, multi-sensory approach.

Immediate Feedback For Students.

Learn facts. Track mastery after every game round.

Hierarchal Framework Of Skills.

A step-by-step stystem to create a base of knowledge to build upon.

Visual Feedback On Performance.

Charts and graphs to track data on each student, class, and school.

Track progress & mastery data
that matters to your school.

  • Real time data analytics across schools, classes and students to provide consistency, precision, and agility in the decision-making process
  • Valuable Pre/ Post Test data to impart predictive analytics as it relates to student performance
  • Sector tags for accelerated learning, special ed, bilingual students and classes to disaggregate relevant data
  • Exportable reports specialized for each student to send home to parents and track performance

A Character for Every Student.
Customize accordingly.

Choose between a female and male character and choose a color for your robot partner in the mission.

Girl Robot Boy

Effective for schools.
More fun for students.

Students will travel through a custom, new age space environment as a space ranger to accomplish their most important mission: full fact fluency, and mastery.

  • Choose charcters and colors.
  • Earn credits and high scores as you compete to get on top of your class leaderboard
  • Travel through space, walk the moon, or defend earth in a variety of game types
  • Get it on all your devices by using our web, iOS or Android app

A research driven method.
Download our case study.

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Your students are safe
Download our data security overview.

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Our Findings

  • Math fluency is about having the ability to do simple math performances instantly. Students free up their working memory with fact fluency permitting time and attention to more difficult steps and tasks in their calculations and computations. If they have to recreate simple math facts every time, math becomes tedious and taxing.

  • 2. Algebra II

    Algebra II is regularly considered a “gateway course” for continued success in mathematics. With math fact fluency, students are prepared to continue their math journey into higher levels needed for success.

  • 2. Institute of Education Sciences

    A report by the Institute of Education Sciences emphasized the importance of basic, foundational math skills: “Quick retrieval of basic arithmetic facts is critical for success in mathematics. Yet research has found that many students with difficulties in mathematics are not fluent in such facts” (Gersten et al., 2009, p. 37). The goal, then is to provide the practice, repetition and rehearsal with math facts until they become natural reflexive moves during mental math performances.

  • 4. Fact Fluency

    Fact Fluency is not something that happens all at once in a single grade. Along the way, across the grades, active attention for continuous, repetitive practice is required for students to know and be able to perform these skills with proficiency.

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