Support for English Language Learners

Get all of the out-of-this-world benefits of BlueStreak Math in both English and Spanish.

How BlueStreak supports learning for ELL students


All elements in English & Spanish

BlueStreak's digital platform, Strategy Log workbooks, and family/guardian materials are available in both English and Spanish. Click-to-voice capabilities make it easy for emergent readers to progress, while academic vocabulary and glossaries help develop language that is cross-curricular in math and science.


Adaptive engine for differentiated, age-appropriate learning

BlueStreak is organized by module rather than grade level to meet students where they are. Students learn at a personalized pace, challenged just the right amount to stimulate learning while receiving ample opportunities for success to grow their confidence and minimize math anxiety.


Equal opportunity to play and win

No matter their skill level, all students can play in the same learning rounds as their peers with equal opportunity to win, as BlueStreak rewards the number of equations mastered.

Additional support with BlueStreak Strategy Logs

BlueStreak Strategy Logs – available in both English and Spanish – complement the digital platform with additional lessons, practice, and reflection activities that reinforce strategies introduced in the online curriculum.

  • Turnkey, scripted mini-lessons

  • Gradual Release model with “I do,” “we do,” "you do" scaffolding

  • Pencil-to-paper practice problems

  • Academic vocabulary and glossaries that are cross-curricular in math and science

  • Colorful visual representations

  • Family/guardian engagement pages for home language support

  • Goal-setting & reflection activities

Strategy Logs - Figure 1Strategy Logs - Figure 2Strategy Logs - Figure 3

Support for the 4 domains of language

BlueStreak's Digital Learning Cards leverage the Brain-Compatible Multimodal Sensory Impress Method for highly engineered instruction. This “See it, Hear it, Say it, Type it, Solve it” model corresponds to the ELL communication modes of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It also stimulates more parts of the brain to promote better comprehension and retention.

  • See it

    Stimulates temporal lobes for hearing the sound of the language.

  • Hear it

    Stimulates the occipital lobes for vital brain imagery.

  • Say it

    Activates the motor cortex in the parietal lobe and hearing in the temporal lobe as the student says the words aloud.

  • Type it

    Integrates senses in the motor cortex located in the parietal lobe, creating powerful and lasting muscle memory.

  • Solve it

    Thinking and reflecting awaken the critical Frontal Lobes of the brain to perform the executive functions of cognition that include analyzing, evaluating, perceiving, comprehending, and connecting.

Equitable multiplayer learning games

When it comes to math, engagement is more than a nice-to-have. It minimizes anxiety and builds confidence to keep students learning longer. With BlueStreak’s competitive and cooperative learning games, all students can play in the same rounds with their peers in the classroom and across the world, regardless of skill level. Each has an equal opportunity to win, as BlueStreak rewards the number of equations mastered over skill level. Meanwhile, each student’s level and progress remain private.

Students playing equitable multiplayer learning games in both English and Spanish
"They really love it. Some kids who didn’t know numbers or anything were able to finish addition and subtraction."
- Special education, bilingual teacher