Uplevel your tier
2 & 3 interventions

Bridge key learning gaps with BlueStreak’s fluency program for math interventions. BlueStreak supports districts across the world, building student fluency through mathematical strategies and automaticity with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.

Branching Minds

A low-lift, research-based
approach to math intervention

Intervention Grouping Tool

BlueStreak’s Intervention Grouping Tool leverages real-time data to automatically group students based on the math strategies they struggle with and indicate the immediacy of need for intervention.

Scripted, Turnkey Mini-Lessons

Strategy Log workbook mini-lessons correspond to groupings generated by the Intervention Tool and provide a low-lift way for teachers to correct misconceptions through a Gradual Release model.

Differentiated, Engaging Practice

BlueStreak is organized by module rather than grade level to meet students where they are, providing just-right challenging practice to remediate, reinforce, and enrich while building confidence and minimizing anxiety.

Data & Progress Monitoring

Get class, school and district-wide performance reports as well as individual student progress monitoring reports. Plus, sort all reports for MTSS/RTI for better impact analysis.

The BlueStreak impact

"We decided to use BlueStreak because we didn't have an intervention solution that addressed our students' fluency gaps. It's easy to use, and it gets you quick wins for those kids who don't normally feel those quick wins."
Megan Kehr
A bar graph displaying student improvement after completing one level of BlueStreak

How it works

BlueStreak’s adaptive digital platform and pencil-to-paper Strategy Log workbooks go hand-in-hand to create a seamless, easy-to-implement experience built on a foundation of deliberate practice and number sense.


Pre-Test & Learning Cards: Students complete concise diagnostic pre-tests to gauge their current level of learning. BlueStreak's adaptive engine then uses this data to provide a differentiated learning experience starting with digital Learning Cards. These Learning Cards introduce new math strategies using the Multimodal Sensory Impress Method, prompting students to "See it, Hear it, Say it, Type it, Solve it."


Engaging learning games: Students then practice applying the new strategies introduced in the Learning Cards with highly engaging single- and multiplayer learning games. No matter their skill level, all students can play in the same learning rounds as their peers with equal opportunity to win, as BlueStreak rewards the number of equations mastered over skill level. Meanwhile, each student’s level and progress remain private.


The Intervention Grouping Tool: As students learn and play, BlueStreak gathers real-time data to help educators track usage and growth. The platform then leverages this data to automatically group students for intervention. These strategy groupings show students struggling with the skill based on their 10 most recent attempts and displays the immediacy of the need for intervention.


Strategy Logs & Small Group Instruction: Teachers can pull students for small group instruction based on these intervention groupings while remaining students continue their independent practice within the platform. BlueStreak Strategy Log workbooks provide scripted, scaffolded lessons using a Gradual Release model to eliminate the need for additional planning time, enabling teachers to address student areas of weakness quickly and easily.


Reflection & Goal-Setting: Students complete independent practice within the Strategy Log workbooks to reinforce learnings from the mini-lesson. Each section in the workbook concludes with metacognition activities that allow students to reflect and set goals in accordance with a deliberate practice model.

One program for all students

Struggling with the complexity and time investment required to implement, utilize, and analyze performance from multiple math tools for different student groups? BlueStreak provides a personalized learning experience for all students to eliminate siloes and save teachers time.

  • All students play in the same learning rounds and compete in the same contests, regardless of academic level, as BlueStreak prioritizes growth over achievement.

  • Leverage BlueStreak’s digital platform only for Tier I students, while Tier II and III students receive additional instruction and practice with Strategy Log workbooks.

  • ELL students participate in the same learning rounds as their peers while practicing and playing in Spanish. Strategy Log workbooks are also available in Spanish.

    Learn more about support for ELL students >

"We love the various games and the interactions they prompt students to have with one another. And the kids don't see if one is doing addition and one is doing multiplication, so they get really excited competing with each other."

- Math Inverventionist & MTSS Lead

“It’s definitely a confidence booster because some of the students who win are not necessarily your strongest math students or don’t feel like they are. It’s nice that it’s not always the same 3-4 kids who win. It’s accessible to everyone.”

- 4th Grade Teacher

Emphasis on engagement

BlueStreak prioritizes engagement to keep students learning longer and minimize math anxiety.

  • Competitive and cooperative game modes that allow all students to play in the same learning rounds while their BlueStreak learning level remains private

  • Contests to further gamify the learning experience

  • Differentiated for “appropriately challenging” practice

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