John L. Simmons Continuous Improvement Grant

September 4, 2023

John Simmons was the President of Strategic Learning Initiatives in Chicago, IL for more than 31 years. He was considered by many to be a guru for continuous improvement in education. He dedicated his life’s work to be centered around systems for educating, and elevating.

Similarly, BlueStreak Math shares the same passion to transform how students learn and retain math. Blue Streak Math discovered a way to intertwine the elements in current industry games and the latest research on skill development.

BlueStreak is able to incorporate a real-time multiplayer experience, including an in-game store and popular techno/electronic music, all while being the most “non-educational looking” educational solution ever.

BlueStreak also offers multiplayer cooperative and competitive games that foster the development of character education skills such as collaboration, strategic thinking and decision making.

BlueStreak teaches and assesses math fact fluency, therefore providing the foundation for every math core curriculum. Because BlueStreak is accessible 24 hours a day on any technology device, it is a perfect tool to correct the educational challenges associated with in-school and home learning.

In 2019, BlueStreak Math was recognized for its academic achievement and won the 2019 CODiE Award for the Best Emerging Technology Solution in the PreK-20 market.

In 2020 BlueStreak Math was a 2020 Finalist for the CODIE Award in Three Educational Categories: Best Emerging Instructional Technology Solution, Best Game Based Curriculum Solution and Best Mathematics Instructional Solution, PreK-8.

Our vision is to change the landscape of mathematics in education by building strong foundational skills to better equip all students for understanding higher leveled, more complex math concepts prior to entering high school.

Our mission is to help districts across the country (and beyond) with implementing BlueStreak Math as an individualized digital teaching & learning resource for students, teachers, and parents, in an effort to assist districts to lessen and close math achievement gaps. We have hopes to provide an annual monetary grant award to aide with professional development and training in the near future.

Please use the link below to request information about how to receive this Grant Award for your district.

BlueStreak Math