Meet the New and Improved Intervention Grouping Tool

December 19, 2023

The BlueStreak Strategies dashboard is now the Intervention Grouping Tool, with a new-and-improved methodology for grouping students that makes it easier than ever for educators to arrange targeted small group instruction. 

What is the dashboard?

If you're not already familiar with this dashboard, here's the scoop: the Grouping Tool leverages real-time student data to identify students in need of intervention and sort them by areas of weakness. For example, if a student often misses multiplication equations with 0 or 1, they'll be sorted into the group called "Same Ole' 0, Same Ole' 1."

These groupings tie directly into the BlueStreak Math Strategy Log workbooks. These workbooks provide turnkey mini lesson plans according to the areas of weakness outlined in the digital platform, making it easier and quicker than ever for teachers to provide differentiated instruction to the student most in need.

Download a sample lesson from the multiplication Strategy Log workbook.

What's new

Now, with the latest updates to the Intervention Grouping Tool, educators have added an extra level of detail to indicate severity of student need. Students who score between 0-40% are identified as being in need of "immediate intervention," while those scoring 41-80% remain in the "standard" intervention group. 

How to use it

Find the Intervention Grouping Tool in your BlueStreak account in the left-hand toolbar. From there, you can filter by module, school, grade level, class, sector (e.g., "after school program"), or end date.

We recommend checking in on intervention groupings at least once a week and organizing students for small group instruction from there.

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